How To: Tightline (For Beginners)

What is tightlining? It’s a technique that consists of lining both the upper and lower waterline (the strip of skin closest to the eye, even closer than your lashline). The lower waterline is easy to see and reach. The upper waterline is difficult to see and is not as easily accessible as the lower waterline which is why I’ve created this simple two-step guide on how to tightline for beginners.

I’ve widened my eyes in the above photo so that both the lower and upper waterline could be visible. For some reason my upper waterline is a pink-ish color in the photo while my lower waterline is the usual shade matching my natural skin tone. See how my eyelashes start to sprout after the waterline. One last time for good measure, white eyeball, pink waterline on top, yellow-y beige on bottom waterline, then comes the lashes so the waterline is superclose to the eyeball.

Step 1 – Line the lower waterline. It can feel a little weird or tickle-ish but the more you tightline the more you get used to it. In the photo above I lined my lower waterline with “Minted” eye kohl from MAC for demonstrative purposes. Obviously, you can use whatever color you choose.

Step 2 – Squeeze your eyes shut. This will make the color transfer from your lower waterline to your upper waterline.

Aaaaand you’re done!

In the above photo, I’ve widened my eyes in hopes that you guys can see “Minted’ eye kohl (shimmery emerald green) on both my upper and lower waterline. Compare my waterline in the first photo to my waterline in this photo and you will notice the difference.

What do you think of the finished effect? Hope this was helpful :)
Before you try this, please make sure that whatever you are using to line your eyes is clean and eye-safe (no dusty products, no glitter, no unsafe ingredients, etc…) because you’re gonna be getting pretty close to the eyeball and these things can irritate the eye and potentially cause blindness. Also please make sure that you are using a soft well-rounded eyeliner with no sharp edges because tightlining can be tricky and there’s a chance you might poke your eye.

6 thoughts on “How To: Tightline (For Beginners)

  1. really pretty color on you!
    i do the opposite, i dont like the look of a strong black line on my lower waterline so i line my upper water line then squint to lightly transfer the color to the bottom :) lol idk i just like the way it looks like that more on me :D


  2. Welcome mhs, nice to see ya around!
    I hear ya’! Lining the upper waterline makes the lashes look much fuller even without any mascara on. Coincidentally, that’s actually gonna be my follow up post to this one, how to tightline the upper waterline, and thank you! I think everyone can rock “Minted” ;)


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