Bath and Body Works: Coming Soon To Kuwait

B&BW are opening up shop in the Avenues at 6:00pm November 9 2010.

Now if you haven’t heard of Bath & Body Works before, here’s a quick rundown. They specialize in fragrance. Everything they sell from body lotions, to shower gels, candles, lipgloss, and even hand sanitizers is scented. The scents range from delicate floral bouqets to mouth-watering citrus-y scents to strong woods-y scents during the cooler months. They have a standard permanent line they refer to as the Signature Collection but are always coming out with limited edition seasonal lines as well.

I’ve heard of several little outlets selling them in Kuwait (some are even online) but I’m afraid they might turn out to be knock-offs so I’ve refrained from purchasing from either. Needless to say I’m very excited about a legit Bath & Body Works finally opening up shop in Kuwait! Hope to see you lovelies there!

8 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works: Coming Soon To Kuwait

  1. Hi Sharon! So sorry for the late reply. I went out and got some stuff from B&BW on the day that they opened up shop in Kuwait but I’m still in the process of trying them out before I post a full review. Do you have anything specific in mind you would like me to review? A certain product or a certain collection? Or would you prefer a general overview of everything?


  2. hey sweetie did you try any of their fragrance..?>/ ‘m kinda lukin for a body lotion for extremely dry skin, do u kno if they hv any thing..can’t wait to see your review on B&B!!!


  3. Hey Doll, I haven’t tried it out yet but my girlfriends swear by the Shea Cashmere Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works. It’s supposedly ultra-hydrating, plus it smells great!


  4. will be checking out d body lotion..just visited d BBW last week to try their fragrances..but didn’t pick up ny coz they were way to floral for my taste…but their scented candles were mind blowing!!!!


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