Victoria’s Secret Haul

Sexy Little Things eau de parfum spray 50ml (KD ?*), Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in Strawberry Fizz (KD 3/500) and Juiced Berry (KD 3/500).

They really went all out on the packaging. First, you’ve got a pink box decorated with darker pink polka dots. Next, you’ve got a holographic Alessandra Ambrosio (correct me if I am wrong) blowing kisses. Lastly, the box actually whistles once you open it! All that and we haven’t even gotten to the product yet!

Holographic awesomeness!

Too cute for words! I love the peach colored bottle, the black top, and the red bow. There’s also a silhoutte of a woman and the words “Sexy Little Things” shown on the side, all in black. Could this perfume bottle be any cuter? Why yes! There actually are little perfectly rounded beads inside of it that simply make the most delightful tinkling noises when you shake the bottle around. Moving on to the scent, this could be a dupe for Ralph by Ralph Lauren. It’s a nice clean scent. I love it!

A fragrance so sexy, the box whistles when you open it. Tempt and tease with this fruity-floral blend of apple, exotic jasmine and sensual cashmere woods.

Fragrance type: fruity floral
Top notes: apple, waterlily, osmanthus
Middle notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, lotus
Low notes: cashmere woods, musk, iris

Strawberry Fizz is a pretty light pink. Juiced berry is a gorgeous sheer red. Both lipglosses smell and taste so good!

As you can see, they both have light-reflecting, microfine glitter (as opposed to chunky glitter which you can spot a mile away) which serves to making your lips look fuller and plumper. If you have long hair, please be aware that these lipglosses can be sticky.

* Not sure about the price but I will update this post when I am.

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