The Body Shop Winter ’09 Collection

What a terrible scent!

Vanilla during the holidays? Shocker.


The disappointments just keep on coming.

I was picking up a few things from the Avenues when I noticed the Holiday Collections on display at The Body Shop. I absolutely adore The Body Shop! I first discovered The Body Shop way back when I was in the eighth grade. A fellow classmate was wearing a rich shade of brown lipstick which complimented her dark coloring and big brown eyes beautifully. The fact that she had ginormous (a la Jolie) lips didn’t hurt, either.  At first she wouldn’t tell me (little girls are the meanest) but after hounding her, she eventually fessed up that her lipstick shade was courtesy of The Body Shop.

On one of my family’s many excursions from the chalet to Fahaheel, I convinced my parents to take me to The Body Shop, where I purchased both the lipstick in the exact same shade as my peer (using tween logic, it made perfect sense that if it looked that good on my classmate, it would definitely look good on me) and a lip balm whose main ingredient consisted of honey. The lipstick looked horrid on me (I can’t pull of brown lipstick because although they are full and pouty, my lips are small) but at the time, I didn’t know that and I wore it with pride until I eventually lost interest and actually lost it somewhere.

Now the honey lip balm on the otherhand was something else completely. When applied, it had no color, only a little bit of shine. I loved how it did not minimize the appearance of my already small lips, unlike the lipstick. I also loved how my lips felt after applying the lip balm. I did not realize that this is what lips felt like when they were moisturized. I loved that when I licked my lips, they didn’t taste bad and chemical-y like with the lipstick, but sweet like candy, or in this case, honey. Most of all, I loved the subtle scent of honey. To top of it all off, after applying it for the millionth time in all five minutes, it started to sting a little, turn my lip color a pink-ish red, and plump them up. Apparently, I was experiencing an allergic reaction or what I now know to be “lip plump“. In the later years (eleventh grade), I would go on to also buy my first liquid foundation, and first make-up brush from The Body Shop. To top it all off, there was never any buyer’s remorse. The Body Shop went “green” before it was the “in” thing to do. They used recycled items (remember those brown bags that mentioned all the good stuff they did on the back?), claimed that their products were “inspired by nature” (hence the honey), were against animal-testing, supported several causes, gave back to several charities, and the list goes on.

As I said before, I adore The Body Shop. I look forward to purchasing their new bath & body products as well as their cosmetic products, especially their seasonal collections. I still have  “Brilliance Powder” in Cranberry Airelle, and the Vanilla Spice “Shimmer Lotion” (heady scent of vanilla and cinnamon with gorgeous golden shimmer) from several winters ago. Now those were hits!

I have come to expect great things from The Body Shop so imagine my surprise when I take a whiff of their new products and all I can smell is chemical-y scents. The Black Velvet Apricot was the worst. In theory, anything with Vanilla would smell great so I don’t know how they managed to botch the Vanilla & Nutmeg up but somehow they did. As for the Cranberry, yes it’s a wonderful scent, and yes it’s very Christmas-y but come on. Push the envelope a little. Enough with the repeats. That said, kudos on the packaging! Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? If the scents were actually good I might have purchased the entire collection of all three just because of the gorgeous packaging.

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