Welcoming Pinks
One of my first memories was watching my ever so glamorous mother with wide-eyed reverence while she put on her makeup. I remember how her signature red lipstick played up her bright green eyes beautifully. Who knew that that was to be the start of my life-long fascination with makeup?

I have made it my personal mission to scour the makeup aisles in Kuwait (and the “occasional” online purchase) in search of the Holy Grail of beauty products. I am always on the search for the perfect red/pink/coral lipsticks, the blackest of black kohl/kajal pencils, and the most pigmented eyeshadows out there. To sum it all up, I am always searching for the best of the best. I am also very interested in trying out new products. I will write down all my finds on this blog. Join me on my search!

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