Spotted at Sephora (Summer)

I visited Sephora again (seriously, they need to move the store to a more accessible area of the Avenues already, like maybe switch out Sephora with Next so people can access Sephora both from inside and outside the mall for quick drive-bys. I mean their current location is so out of the way from everything else!) and also, because I still didn’t get my Brand Gift (for reaching 200 points) even though I’ve already received the e-mail from the Dubai branch of Sephora. While there, I spotted several new displays (as shown above), new products and new brands!!!!

For starters they had a Mini Mania display (sooo cute!) mostly of cult fave products available in mini-sizes separated into 4 categories (all of which we’ll be taking a much closer look at, below) ranging from Speedy SportSunny BeachTrendy WorkFunky Party.

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Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday feat. Chris Brown

The first time I saw this, I’ll be honest, I thought it was cheezy and didn’t even get through the whole video. After it had enough time to marinade (just roll with it), the song grew on me and now I think it’s tres adorable! I’ve always liked Chris Brown, ever since Usher first introduced him as this kid with mad dance skills at one of the MTV Awards Shows (years and years ago). Other than having a gorgeous smile (every time he flashes those pearly whites, I melt a little) and being a pretty talented dancer, his songs are always so good! Freaky Friday is no different. It’s nothing new, but still so fun and cute! I think I might’ve spotted him doing the Fortnite Dance at one point (-_-) but aside from that, I love the way he moves (also, that smile)! Perfect Summer-y Song!

Overall, I like the song, minus the Kendal Jenner part (towards the end) which just kills the vibe for me though. I mean she can’t sing (not that DJ Khaled can sing either… unless you count yelling) and she’s not funny, otherwise I have no qualms with her. The only Kardashian I can’t stand is that she-hulk Khloe because she’s always so self-righteous and just plain mean, while my favorite Kardashian has to be Kourtney, because she literally has no facial expressions… at all (she’d be like “OMG that’s so funny, I die”, except she’d have a totally expressionless face, not even a hint of a smile), which I find hilarious!

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Spotted at The Body Shop (Summer)

I was at the Avenues when I noticed they had a Sale going on over at The Body Shop. It was around closing time, but I still managed to take some photos and grab a few things. I tried my best to put names and prices to everything. If there are any mistakes, I apologize (let me know in the comments and I’ll fix it). The NEW ITEMS (not included in the Sale) are all the way at the bottom of this post. To my understanding, the Sale usually lasts for an entire month which according to my calculations is August 20. So if anything catches your fancy, you’ve still got a few days to go pick it up. Hope you enjoy this post!

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H&M Beauty Haul

I popped into H&M for a quick peek (since I was at the Avenues anyways) and noticed that they were having a Buy Two Get One Free Deal going on. Plus, with every KD 10 purchase you got an entry into the KD 10,000 raffle. I didn’t feel like trying on any clothes or even swatching stuff (so I wasn’t planning on getting anything) but then I spotted the Face Mask Collection (x3 Face Masks) and one thing led to another… and here we are.

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Glass (Official Trailer)

I could’ve sworn I posted a review of the movie Split immediately after watching it, but I can’t seem to find anything about it on my blog.

I mean… I distinctly remember pointing out that Split had a very blatant Easter Egg on the poster (let alone all the ones in the actual movie)!

More importantly (lol) I remember mentioning that I thought James McAvoy was so hot in Children of Dune (he was actually the inspiration behind the purchase of these H&M Black Wide-Leg Pants hauled here) and X-Men (all the ones he was in) and Shameless (UK) and Wanted and Atonement, and despite all the cray, thought he was very attractive in Split as well! How do I remember the structure of the missing post (down to each link) if I never actually got around to writing it? I searched both the the Drafts Folder and Deleted Files Folder. I even typed all kinds of possible keywords for the missing post (and aside from a small mention of actor Eamonn Walker being in the movie Unbreakable in my review of the prison show Oz), I got nothing, which was quite… strange. Actually, scratch that. Since the topic at hand is an M. Night Shyamalan Film, strange mishaps seems only fitting. Honestly, M. Night Shyamalan (not his movies, HIM, as in the actual man) scares me!

In any case, I absolutely loved Unbreakable, was a bit underwhelmed by Split (kinda’ predictable but enjoyable nonetheless) and super excited for Glass! I can’t wait to see Bruce Willis (I wonder if this is why he allowed himself to get roasted on Comedy Central just recently), Samuel L. Jackson and of course James McAvoy reprise their roles! That said, it’s gonna’ be a long wait, since Glass is set to be released in January. In the meantime, we can just keep watching the trailer (above) to tide us over lawl

MAC Attack!

I know I’ve stated time and time again that I’m so over Lip Liners. In fact, I’m planning on getting rid of all of the Lip Liners I currently own. Every. Single. One. That’s still the plan. However, after the whole Driver’s License/Passport Photo fiasco (full deets here), I felt it was absolutely vital that I get my hands on the MAC Lip Pencil in the shade Spice! Something about this particular shade really compliments my sallow skintone! Plus, if you’re down for a little cheating (^_~) Spice is perfect for over-drawing lips (to make them look bigger). I mean, I distinctly remember Spice being incredibly flattering when paired with a wide range of Nude Lippies!

Also, for a photo meant to be used in an official document (that I was supposed to be hauling around for the next 10 years or so), Red seemed too show-y and dramatic (despite the fact that I actually ended up actually going with Red for the first round of photos lol), Orange seemed too playful, whereas Pink seemed too girly and I just don’t do Fuchsia nor Purple. Every single one of my Nude Lippies might’ve looked fine, face-to-face, but I was positive that without the help of a proper Lip Liner, they’d totally wash me out in photos. That’s precisely why I needed MAC Spice Lip Pencil. I actually already own Spice, but it seems to have gotten lost in the sea of makeup products that is my my bedroom. I’ve searched everywhere, but just can’t seem to find it. So after hitting up Sephora (haulage here) I decided to make a quick stop at MAC to repurchase Spice!

The Spice is life!

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