The Body Shop Buy 2 Get 2 Free

The Body Shop (Marina Mall) were having a Buy 2 Get 2 Free promo going on… and as I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve started to get seriously annoyed by all my candy scented everything and really needed more fresh and clean scents, pronto. Since I’d already purchased a bunch of stuff from The Body Shop just recently (haulage here), I only got a few travel-sized Minis this time around.

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Topshop Jamie Jeans

The first memory I have of Topshop is as a teenager trying on their Jeans in one of their tiny changing rooms (which had no doors, only curtains because… Europe) while my friends were supposed to stand guard outside (preventing anyone from walking in on me). Clearly, they got distracted by something or other, because some woman actually did walk in on me, while I was changing. I was absolutely mortified! To add insult to injury, nothing at Topshop fit me. Not wanting to leave empty-handed (especially after finally coming across the fabled clothing store), I grabbed a few of their “jewelry pieces” (bright pink chunky plastic) from the Freedom range, but never actively sought out Topshop ever again.

Even when they eventually opened up in Kuwait, I rarely set foot in Topshop (Avenues), unless I was with my friends and they’d insist on checking it out. Heck, even when they started selling Makeup, I still wouldn’t purchase anything from them (for some reason).

Over the years however, a certain style of Topshop Jeans kept getting mentioned over and over again, by practically everyone, everywhere! They were mentioned in magazines, online fashion blogs and youtube videos. Celebrities loved them, non-celebs loved them, basically everyone loved them! Apparently, they were supposed to be flattering, comfortable and durable. The Topshop Jeans in question were the infamous Jamie Jeans. After years of being uninterested in Topshop, I must admit, I was finally intrigued!

I walked into Topshop (Avenues), took one look at all the different styles of Jeans and walked right out. There were just so many and it was all a bit overwhelming. Many months later, for my second attempt, I was all psyched to try on pair after pair of Topshop Jamie Jeans, for as long as it took, until I found the perfect one. Come to find out that Topshop (Avenues) had been moved to a different location -_-

I figured it wasn’t meant to be… until I found Topshop at Marina Mall! It was around closing time, but I wasn’t leaving without a pair of Jamie Jeans. I asked the nearest Sales Assistant to hand me a few pairs of Jamie Jeans in my size (because I don’t even know what size I am at this point) in a nice Plum (looked Red to me, honestly), Light-Wash Denim and Black. According to the website, Topshop Jeans were available in Regular (for average height), Petite (shorter girls) and Tall (taller girls). As such, I made sure to ask for Petite (since I’m 5’1), but the Sales Assistant told me that wasn’t a “thing” over here (meaning Kuwait) so I had to settle for Regular. The Light-Wash Denim didn’t really appeal to me and I remembered that I already own an almost Plum (haulage here) so I went with Black (which happened to be from the Moto range, ergo meant to be). I don’t understand any of it, but I got the W28 To Fit L30 (W71cm To Fit L76cm) European 38, USA 6, Size 10.

I walked out with the Topshop “Moto” Jamie Jeans (High Rise Ankle Grazing) in Black which retails for KD 18/900

Sultan Center Haul #7

I popped by Sultan Center (Salmiya) to replenish my stock of Tortilla Chips and Salsa (both of which were repurchases). I also grabbed x2 Nesquik Chocolate Flavoured Cereal because I was still craving it since my last haul (here) where I mistakenly grabbed the wrong thing. Lastly, I picked up a few drinks, because I was getting sick of drinking Karak Tea (that came in those purple boxes).

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Boots “Buy 2 Get 2 Free”

As you can see, it clearly states “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” and also “Mix & Match“. However, just to be 100% sure, I asked the nearest SA and she also confirmed that I could in fact mix & match (each item could be from a different brand and I’d still qualify for the Buy 2 Get 2 promo), store-wide. I knew Kuwait all too well, so I was skeptical (because it sounded too good to be true). However, I went along with it and filled up my shopping basket anyway. I wasn’t that interested in anything (bad mood) up until I spotted the St. Tropez display, which showcased all kinds of new products from the brand!

I mean… they had the Gradual Tan 1 Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse (which you’re supposed to wash off after literally just 1 minute!) and the Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Mousse (Bronzing Water! I die!) and the one in the gorgeous oil-slick packaging is the Self Tan Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse. They also had the rest of the St. Tropez range (about 3 rows of the stuff) including the Bronzing Lotions and Facial Oils and even the Tan Applicator Mitts!

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Big Brother Season 19 Launch (Introductions and Predictions)

Wow! They really got a colorful bunch for their lineup this year! A lot of them were imported lol I can’t even pronounce half their names! So many big personalities! I guess since this is meant to be the last season, they went all out! Right from the start, the housemates were told they had to collect BitcoinBigcoin” (-_-) which could potentially change their fate in the game. That was new. Also, one of the housemates has already been booted out of the house (after her racist tweets were unearthed). So much drama already and in less than 24 hours! For the next 2 months, I’m going to watch the final season of Big Brother religiously, because it’s shaping up to be a highly entertaining one! Moving on to the first impressions and predictions and such…

Emma never fails to delight! Also, everything she wears is just so cool! I simply adore her! Once the show ends for good, I’ll miss Emma the most!

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Goodbye Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother

It’s official. Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother are cancelled. Channel 5 recently confirmed the show would be ending after 18 years on the airwaves, with this year’s series being the last.

Well, that sucks. To me, Big Brother was like crack. I was pretty much addicted as soon as I stumbled upon the show. I’d really hate to see it go! Here’s hoping some other channel picks up the series!

Celebrity Big Brother Season 22

I didn’t even know that the new season of Celebrity Big Brother had begun, up until I noticed my previous Celebrity Big Brother posts (here and here and here and here and here) getting lots of views. Lo and behold, not only had Season 22 started, but they were all the way up to episode 14! I jotted down my first impressions and predictions on my phone (using my trusty Notes app) while watching the first episode, but never got around to actually posting any of it because a week later they were already talking about the finale (so it was too late). Honest to God, I predicted that Roxanne would ask to leave the house at some point and sure enough she did! This season, I disliked them all, side from Kirstie Alley and Nick Leeson and later on Ben Jardine. Apparently, the theme this season was supposed to be the housemate’s past “storms” (controversies) with the focus being on Stormy Daniels (who pulled out lol at the last minute).

On the first night, the host, Emma Willis, slayed in her bespoke navy jumpsuit! From the Shoulder-Pads and the Collar to the Wide-Leg bottoms, she killed it! Honestly, this woman can do no wrong in my eyes!

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