H&M Black Wide-Leg Pants

I finally got the Black Wide-Leg Pants that I’ve been obsessing over! I first saw these pants at the Avenues Phase III Branch of H&M (directly across from Harvey Nichols) but they were too small, which is why I decided to visit the Salmiya Branch of H&M but never found them (I don’t believe they were ever stocked over there) but finally hauled them from the Avenues Phase II Branch (across from Shake Shack).

It’s a long, straight leg with pleats at the top and pockets on each side (+5 swag points), a concealed zip on one side, and a hook-and-eye fastener.

I live for Wide-Leg Pants! It might just be my memory playing tricks on me but I believe I fell in love with the look of Wide-Leg Pants when I saw James McAvoy sporting a pair on Children of Dune back when I was a tween. He was topless and walking around barefoot. I thought that looked ridiculously cool! As such, I started noticing the topless-and-barefoot combo accompanied with Wide-Leg Pants on males a lot more, especially in Anime, hence the affinity. Not that I’m about to start walking around topless anytime soon but there’s something to be said for strutting around barefoot in Wide-Leg Pants. It just makes me feel ridiculously cool! I could go on and on about how cool these Pants are but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. With that being said, these are way too long on me so high heels are my only option. I’m so happy that I found these pants! Now I can quit stalking all the H&M branches in the country… These Wide-Leg Pants retailed for KD 16/950 which is a bit dear considering it’s from H&M but I would’ve payed an arm and a leg if they’d asked for it.

Desiigner – Timmy Turner

I’ve been listening to this song nonstop! I’ve never watched The Fairly OddParents but that’s what he is referencing. As always, I’m never quite sure what he’s saying, but then again I couldn’t understand anything he was saying in his earlier song “Panda“. That said, this song has the most delightful melody 3 minutes in (2:50 to be more specific)! One of the comments on this video on YouTube killed me! I can’t quite remember what it was exactly but it was something to this effect “he’s casting a spell”. I mean… LOL Whoever said that isn’t wrong. It does kinda’ sound like that. Anyhow, I love listening to Timmy Turner especially when driving!

Here’s his earlier song that was a huge hit when it first came out. Again, no clue what he say (aside from the chorus) but at one point, literally everyone was all “Panda, Panda, Panda, Brrrrrrrrruh!” So fun!

“New English” (deliciously apropos) indeed.

Fetty Wap – RGF Island

My new favorite song ^_^
Technically, it’s been out for a minute, but I heard it for the first time ever, only last week. I’ve been obsessed with it since! I love listening to it in my car! I just wish it was longer.

It’s even catchier than 679 which is saying something because the lyrics on that song are pure gold. “I gotta’ glock in my ‘rarri”. I mean… LOL

I first got brainwashed fell in love with Fetty Wap when Trap Queen came out.

Jokes aside, Ed Sheeran’s cover of Trap Queen is fire!

Ed Sheeran’s cover I’m In Love With The CoCo is pretty good too! Funny how his covers are always superior to the originals. Honestly, the man can do no wrong, in my eyes! Can’t wait to see him on the next season of Game of Thrones!

H&M Clothing Haulage (Salmiya Branch)

The last time I was at H&M (Avenues Phase III) I fell in love with these gorgeous flowy Pants. Sadly, there was just the one (last piece) and it was about 100 sizes too small. As such, I decided to hit up all the other H&M branches to hunt down those Pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t find them at Salmiya Branch either (no one knew what I was talking about) but I did get a handful of really good pieces.

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Victoria’s Secret Buy Two Get One Free (Fragrance)

I was at the Avenues Phase III (for the release of H&M x The Weeknd Collection) when I decided to check out the Bath and Body Works branch over there, as well. To get to B&BW, I usually have to cut through Victoria’s Secret. While there, I noticed that Victoria’s Secret were also having an offer on their fragrances (Buy Two Get One Free) so I decided to take advantage of that deal. With that being said, I hate the newer look of their bags! It’s all polka-dotty and whanot. What happened to the adorable stripe-y bags? The new ones are just hideous!

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Bath and Body Works Trio Weekend

Since I was at the Avenues Phase III anyway (H&M x The Weeknd), I figured I’d check out the Bath & Body Works on that side too. According to the Privileges App, B&BW were having this offer where you could purchase three items (Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Fine Fragrance Mist) for the price of two. Once again, in typical Bath & Body Works fashion, the offer was only applicable on select items (none of the newer collections), and would only last for the weekend. I didn’t want nor need anything, but since I rarely visit the Phase III branch, I figured I’d take a quick peek since I was there.

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